able to select RIGHT PERKS

for your employees

everytime ?


  • They Expire
  • They Have Fees
  • They Carry Obligations
  • They Expire
  • Discounts On Selected Items
  • Valid in Selected Locations only
  • Company Has To Buy Them
  • Difficult To Source New Gifts
  • Difficult To Handle
  • Difficult To Distribute
  • Cannot Repeat
  • Creating a Benefits Strategy That Appeals To All Ages And
    Demographics Is Tough, If Not Impossible
  • They Have Fees
  • They Carry Obligations

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Turn your corporate culture into your competitive advantage

Perks from Happyperks are super fast, super easy and super attractive! From a wide range of categories, employees can pick and choose the perks of their preference to give them the motivation and morale that they need to bring out their best performance. Happyperks is the perfect solution for appraising your employees’ performance. As an employer or corporate you need to make sure that your employees are kept happy, driven and motivationed all the time and perks are the right way to do it. Perk up your employees’ day the right way with Happyperks!

Perks from Happyperks are attractive, rewarding, fast and easy to disburse via one user-friendly online portal, managed completely by Happyperks.

The Happyperks portal is technologically advanced, user-friendly and easy to navigate. It is a fully managed online platform where corporate employees can pick and choose from an array of perks so attractive that they will perform with a passion that will take your company to new heights. Benefits include one-click distribution, employee e-wallets, top-ups, gifting, 100% cashless and much more. The all-in-one platform is completely safe and reliable to use. Companies have direct, complete access to all vendors and perks offered.