Why happyperks?

To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace.

What Employers Get?
  • Real-Time Employee Management
  • Management Insights About Employees
  • Maximum Budget Utilization
  • Saving On Vendor's Budget
  • Creating Positive Work Culture
  • Power To Motivate
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What Employees Get?
  • Track And Manage Perks
  • Maximum Utilization Of Perks
  • Maximum Budget Utilization
  • Real-Time Motivation
  • Tax-Savings Benefits
  • Easy Expense Reimbursement
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Empower Employee Experience

100+ Vendors
100+ Vendors

Happyperks has many awesome vendors onboard who disperse a variety of attractive perks to corporate employees. So employees can take their pick from a wide range of awesome perks according to their likes and preferences.

10+ Categories
10+ Categories

Corporates and their employees can choose from a wide range of perk categories that include lifestyle, leisure, entertainment, travel, fitness, F&B, etc.

Freedom to Choose
Freedom to Choose

Employees have the freedom to choose perks that they like according to their choices and preferences.

Customized Offering
Customized Offering

Happyperks customizes perks to employees to suit their likes and preferences. Corporates can also gift their employees a special card on any occasion and it can be totally customized.


Fully Digital Process

Happyperks comprehensive website and services are 100% digitalized and easy to use.

White Label

Perks can be modified and hosted with the client side so that it looks like an in-house product.

Expert Verification

Vendors that come onboard Happyperks are verified thoroughly by experts to prevent any unreliable transactions.

Multiple Bills

The Happyperks website can process multiple bills and options at the same time.

One Click Dispersion

Enjoy one click dispersion of employee credits as per convenience.

Accurate Checks

Have complete access to KYC needed documents as per government-approved database.

Use Anywhere

Perks can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Super Secure

Dispersal of perks safely and securely via reliable online platform that ensures 100% privacy of information.

100+ vendors

Corporate employees can pick their perks from a wide range of over 50,000 authorized, attractive vendors.

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