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Why we must include feedback in our routines :

Who would conflict on the idea that feedback is not essential? Everybody in any industry or institutions has learnt the importance of it .Feedback comes into the action when an environment reacts to an event or behaviour.

Everybody can benefit from feedback. Both common sense and research work make it evident – feedback and opportunities to use that feedback helps to improve and enhance, whether an individual, group, business, business unit, company, or organization – and that information can be used to make better informed decisions. It also allows us to build and maintain communication with others.


And to become good and strong decision makers , the employees need to develop a feedback bone in their bodies to enhance their performances in terms with collaborations and other activities involved.

It would not be everytime that sourcing and only relying on feedback will ensure success but clearly a lack of one seals the deal with failure.Regardless of whether positive or negative, high performance leaders and teams are receiving feedback on a consistent basis.

If your team is more eager to learn and perform than fret about the results,critical feedback will be held differently.A culture of feedback can help set up an environment where employees have a mindset prone to new chapters and saving a room for failure sometimes as well, which will help shaping performances for the future to come.

Employees can engage in practicing receiving and giving of feedback,

Technical skills feedback: it could be a code review or a call from a customer, this category of feedback prevents employees from committing .technical and professional errors.

 Events-based feedback: keep on discussing what were the factors that worked for a certain project and what did not,take a senior’s prior experience in account and grow with it.

Self-assessment feedback: encourage team members to lead with their self-assessment on a project or initiative. This helps create an open environment for reflection and honest feedback.

Digesting feedback is not everybody’s cup of coffee,some find it a little harsh and difficult to take in,which is why an implementation of a recovery process to find out what works for them and to make them understand the utility and help them be comfortable with feedback occurs.

In the end,feedback is nothing but experiences and information gathered by both young and old minds to work in shaping a better cultural environment.

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