Why Competition matters

by root, December 12, 2017

Come on and put up a fight with your colleagues ,yes you read that right .Fight!
No ,not with beating shins off each other but getting up and challenging each other’s potential and work of thought. Challenge their dedication, challenge their aims.Fight over it and come up with the best strategy.

Often taken in the negative sense ,the word competition but there is not one thing that comes with cons and no pros .In a workplace competition can play a crucial role in shaping the business and the system of the organisation , which is why competition has to be handled carefully and efficiently.
Competition works as a breaker of communication barrier. Competition encourages people to interact ,observe and learn from each other .If your employees are deliberating iron like about something ,in most scenarios , the chances of a good outcome coming is more prominent.

It encourages acceptance of varied diverse facts and thoughts. When people with a different mindset sit to work together ,clashes are in-avoidable .But if one knows how to channel these clashes into the best outcome , making a team with the most opposite minds is the best thing to do and in contrast to a team with the same mindsets , creativity often hinders and most issues are overlooked because of all the thinking process happening in the same way.
When a team is made out of opposite minds , they look through and through into every detail ,deliberating and debating everything as they go followed by valid points being upheld to support one’s cause,

If one person challenges the other’s decision , that person will work more efficiently and ensure that his facts are clear and to the point and cannot be questioned next time.
Don’t create a culture of “yes” people. Create an environment where people dare to poke holes in an idea until you’ve uncovered all the flaws. If you truly care about creating the best possible result, you’ll never be afraid of being told something is wrong: You’ll crave it.

By promoting healthy conflict within your team, you’re essentially taking a temperature on how unified your team is. If there’s freedom to disagree, it means that everyone is on the same page in terms of working towards a shared goal. If team members do not feel the freedom to disagree, it may mean that you as a leader are not properly communicating your team’s goals—or worse, your team simply isn’t bought into achieving those goals.
When employees don’t feel a sense of ownership in your team’s overall success, that’s when engagement crumbles. Healthy conflict is the firm foundation on which all of your team can grow and work towards its ultimate success.

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