The recipe of being a super performer

by root, December 12, 2017

The recipe of being a super performer.

Being a high-performance employee can feel like a little impossible and unattainable-something that cannot be learned in the beginning but then every success feels like a failure only in the beginning.
Everything happens from our hands ,it is compeletly in submission to our grasp .The key to this lock lies with the fact that you should be willing to give nerve and sinew to it.
The hero you looked up to , the class topper , the relay winner , the best employee, all of it is within you only waiting to be unleashed .To help you kick start we have put together some foundational elements of the basis of a top performer.

Do not make the mistake of sticking on to one thing deeming it traditional , just be invested.

We have been misinformed and mis-normed about the whole image of a top performer that they are to appear in a certain way or have a certain magnitude, but that has hardly ever been the case.

Austin Belcak, contributing to 
Forbes for Grads of VoiceLife, encourages business leaders to look outside the traditional pool for top talent. While “traditional” candidates may have the right schooling or GPA, Belcak argues that finding someone with a non-traditional background is a great move for an organization because it helps to diversify their problem-solving and skill-sets.
This should be an encouragement to anyone who may be looking to break into a field that they may not be most suited for on paper. If you want to be a top achiever in this case, Belcak has some helpful advice for you–he profiles a non-traditional high achiever as someone who displays any of the following:

  • “Attending a web development class or bootcamp
  • “A freelance portfolio that leverages skills outside of their current industry”
  • “Coursework in aimed at learning the skills needed to be successful in a new industry”

“If a candidate is investing heavily in themselves,” Belcak says, “chances are good that your investment in them will have a high return.”
Stay Focused;

The biggest detriment to high performance employee productivity are distractions.It is not exactly about the number of hours you put into it but how much effort and will power you imposed in whatever time you gave to a certain project.It’s not about simply being lazy or driven. Little distractions here and there can really begin to add up, and take a big chunk out of your progress—and the ability to be productive—week in and week out.. Fight for focus, and you’ll be rewarded with a new found efficiency.

Always Be Engaged;

Finally, you need to truly be engaged with your work if you’re going to excel at it. Engaged employees aren’t simply those that enjoy work more, they’re women and men who have found purpose in what they do, who have goals and a vision for the future—who want to be invested in the growth of their organization, and ultimately aspire to be leaders.
Engagement is a choice every day: a choice of whom your report to, where you’re headed, and what you want to become and achieve in life.


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