by root, December 12, 2017

5 occasion to recognise your employees that you shouldn’t overlook :
1) The day of your employee’s triumph.
On a day when your employee gets a deal converted, executes an innovative plan or
something that moves the needle, take the opportunity to celebrate their big win.
Whether you were directly involved in the effort or not, they’ll appreciate that you
noticed their accomplishment and recognized them in a meaningful way.
2) Showcasing company values.
Cheer those ones on whom you notice living up to the company values.Highlight that
standout employee to give them the recognition they deserve while showing others
what that value means to you.

3) Showing appreciation for a thoughtful gesture.
Show your gratitude right away when an employee goes the extra mile or lends a
helping hand in a time of urgency. Whether they responded to your request in the
specified time, held your back in the backdrop, offered to help on adifficult task or
did something that really stood out, take a few minutes to personally acknowledge

4) Sending regards from far off.
The clock keeps on ticking,earth revolving and every other event will take place at
your/around your desk even in your absence , take into account of those ones that
still put up a good show for you.. Maybe oneday due to an emergency you needed to
leave early or were taking a much-needed vacation when something urgent came
up? Take the time to show your gratitude to whoever stepped up to the plate!

Birthday Party in Office — Image by © Tim Pannell/Corbis

5) Wishing someone a ‘Happy Birthday!’
Do something special to recognize your employees and colleagues on their
birthdays! Bring them a cake, decorate their desk, even get the office to sing –
something personalized and tailored to their personality that will be especially
memorable (and only mildly embarrassing).