How Modern Managers kill employee engagement :

by root, December 12, 2017

The modern workforce appreciates their hard work being valued ,that their contribution is important.  In management circles we refer to these wants as employee engagement. And to keep our workforce intact , modern managers cannot afford to make the following mistakes :
Deprivation of freedom and sanction,

The moment you decide to impose rules that demand the approval of every Tom ,Dick & Harry around the corner even for the most mundane of things ,you lead your employees to feel unreliable eventually leading them to deprivation of productivity .In short, your employees need a certain amount of latitude to do their jobs well, so be sure to allow some amount of flexibility in their jobs.
Unavailable administration,

If you leave your employees on their own , they tend to feel homeless and without any value or cause .As a manager you need to mentor your team and be the leader people want to work for. Moreover, when managers are absent and leave employees on their own, employees are left with little direction and guidance .To cut it short ,if employees get to see their boss around more, they work effectively more.
Outdated Technology ,

Success in business comes with a good investement .If your employees have to spend hours to download one simple document or have to put up through restricting IT policies , it demoralises them. Which after a point of time , leads them to loosing respect for their work culture ,which inevitably changes into lack of productivity.
Activities of Obsolete value ,

If there is one thing that triggers employees more than anything is to work extra hours or work on the weekends only to not be reviewed on that work .Your employees time is precious , it runs your business ,you do not want it to be wasted on naught .Bottom line, you don’t want your employees wasting your time so be sure to review their hard worked tasks and not load them unnecessarily .

Poor Planning ,
Good business requires strong, well thought out planning and strategy. Businesses and managers who fail to plan and continually look ahead at what is coming will find themselves in a perpetual state of playing catch-up.. When employees feel like the business doesn’t know what it’s doing, or that the highly paid executives are unable to steer the business appropriately, you are eroding their confidence in the organization.
When these aforementioned points are not happening and When employees are engaged, it creates a highly energetic environment full of new ideas. Businesses where employees are happy and fulfilled tend to attract better talent to the organization. And highly engaged teams will always produce better results because each employee wants to make a difference.

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